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Search Tips

The search function retrieves all entries whose names contain the exact text entered in the box, including spaces and punctuation. Search is not case-sensitive.

Institution names in the database are exactly as they appear in the IPEDS database. As a result, many widely-used short forms (e.g., UCLA, UVA) will not work as search text.

Tips for efficient searching

Entering a partial name is usually the best strategy. If your search does not retrieve any entries or fails to retrieve the one you want, try a single distinctive word or word fragment from the name.

Example: searching on "berkel" will retrieve all entries containing the word "Berkeley" anywhere in the name.

Avoid words that may or may not be abbreviated (e.g., Fort, Mount, Saint) and words that may or may not include apostrophes. Similarly, avoid portions of a name that may include punctuation.

Examples: search for "mary" rather than "mary's"; search for "ann arbor" rather than "university of michigan, ann arbor".

Special considerations: abbreviations and special characters

As noted above, commonly-abbreviated words like Fort, Mount, and Saint may appear as complete words in some names, but as abbreviations in others.

Names differ in their use of punctuation and special characters such as hyphens, commas, apostrophes, and ampersands, so it is best to avoid that part of the name.

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Articles related to the move of the Classifications to the IU Center for Postsecondary Research

New England Resource Center for Higher Education (NERCHE) has released the 2015 Carnegie Community Engagement Classification. A total of 240 institutions were selected to receive this voluntary designation, joining 121 institutions that were so designated in 2010.